1956 Buick hood insulation hold support brackets rod 55 54 53 Olds Pontiac Cad

$ (as of March 14, 2017, 6:50 am)20.00 (as of March 14, 2017, 6:50 am)

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Hood insulation bracket parts from a 1956 Buick Special. Some parts might fit other models, years and/or other GMs. This is the front rod, front bracket and rear bracket. I’m guessing there should have been a rear rod, but it is missing. The front one measures 36″. All parts are in OK used condition, needing a good cleaning. Look close. Rare parts, low price. See my other auctions. 

I am parting out a 1956 Buick Special 2 door sedan. Very rusty and plenty of bullet holes. Quite complete. It won’t be around long, so ask quick if you want something specific removed and listed here. 

Lighter parts are sent by USPS. Heavier parts are sent by Fed Ex. I live in the country and Fed Ex has recently moved farther away still. So, I have to drive 25 miles there and back, or pay them $4 per package to stop here. Bubble wrap, tape and packaging materials cost money. I sell my parts at a low price, and sometimes lose money after shipping and fees. I don’t “pad” my shipping costs, but try to at least break even. If the actual cost is somewhat less, I always issue a refund. Thanks for understanding.